The International History Bee and Bowl (IHBB) are history-themed quiz tournaments (the Bee is for individual students; the Bowl is for teams) for students aged 11-18. Founded in 2010 in the USA, IHBB has since expanded to over 50 countries. IHBB is part of International Academic Competitions which offers competitions in a variety of subjects, including a Geography Bee and a Science Bee in Canada. Students around the world can also qualify for the International History Olympiad and the International Geography Championships. Both the Bees and the Bowl feature a buzzer system (as on certain quiz shows) and comprehensive, paragraph-length questions that emphasize critical thinking and long-term knowledge of important topics on all fields and eras of history. This approach encourages students to explore and study on their own, while providing for a fast-paced, and enjoyable competition. Regional Tournaments are held in-person and virtually. At our Canadian tournaments, approximately 20% of the questions will focus on the history and culture of Canada.