Please note that these are the costs for in-person regional events, online events are priced differently.

Currency Name
History Bowl Price
(Per team)
History Bee Price
(Per student)
Geography Bee Exam (Per student)
Wire transfer fee
Canadian dollars
– 10
US dollars (for wire transfers)
– 10
+30 USD

The cost of the Regional Championships is $120 for a team in the History Bowl and $25 per student in the History Bee, which is optional. There is an extra 30 USD charge if payment is made by wire transfer (all wire transfers must be denominated in US dollars); cash payments are accepted at the standard rate. We can accept checks now too at the standard rate.

A discount of $10 is provided if your school brings a functional buzzer system. This is by no means required though you may order one to practice with from – make sure to get the 10-person Officiator Tabletop model.

Note 1: Teams paying by wire transfer must include an additional payment of 30 USD as stated to cover processing fees. All wire transfers must be paid in US Dollars, namely, the amount we receive must be the amount owed in US dollars, plus the transfer fee. If your bank charges additional fees, these must be taken into account in addition to this. One wire fee covers all the teams and students per school.

Teams paying by cash on the tournament day may of course pay in Canadian Dollars, or in US Dollars if they prefer.

Note 2: Please note that History Bowl teams of 2 students cost 3/4 of the price listed here, and “teams” of 1 student cost 1/2 of the prices listed here. Such teams must be registered as such; the discount otherwise does not apply. Schools interested in requesting such discounted entry fees must email to request the discount.