For in-person events, payments must be made either in advance by credit card in USD (a 4% processing fee applies) or in cash in CAD or USD on the day of the tournament. For online events, all payments must be made by credit card in USD in advance of the event.

All Bowl registrations fewer than 8 days in advance are subject to an additional 25 USD/ 35 CAD per team surcharge. Registrations within 5 days are only allowed by emailing and seeing if it is still possible. At this point, registration is no longer guaranteed.

Event In-Person Online
International History Bowl * 99 USD/ 130 CAD 119 USD
International History Bee 25 USD/ 35 CAD 35 USD
International Geography Bee Qualifying Exam 15 USD/ 20 CAD 15 USD
International Science Bee Qualifying Exam 15 USD/ 20 CAD 15 USD
Reader Fees 99 USD/ 130 CAD

For teams participating in online History Bowl tournaments, the fee includes the cost of an IAC-provided moderator. For in-person History Bowl tournaments, teams are required to provide a reader for every two teams or fraction thereof.