2022-23 Registration Policies
Registration for each regional competition and the Canadian Championships can be done by visiting ihbbcanada.com/events and selecting your desired event(s).
If you have any questions, please contact Arthur Ramsay, Director of Canadian Operations, via email (canada@iacompetitions.com) or phone (802-404-1939).

Policies for In-Person Events:
1. Online registration is required for all events and is only available online through this site. After you register, you will receive an invoice at the email address provided.

2. Registration for regional tournaments closes 8 days before the tournament date (e.g., the Friday one week before a Saturday tournament) at 11:59pm local time. After this deadline, late registrations will be considered on a space-available basis.

3. You may select to pay by either credit/debit card in advance of the tournament OR by cash on the day of the tournament. Please note we cannot accept CAD-denominated checks for tournament payments.

3a. For online competitions, payments must be made by credit card in advance of the tournament.

4. For in-person events, each school must provide one reader for every two teams or fraction thereof that wish to compete. This reader may be a teacher, parent, or a non-competing student. That person may be asked to assist with reading questions and/or scorekeeping. For online events, teams are not required nor expected to provide readers.

5. Each registrant must provide a valid contact email address for its contact person. Each school must designate ONE official contact person, who all tournament communications will be sent to. This can be a teacher, administrator, or parent.

6. The Varsity Division is meant for students in 11th and 12th grade (and CEGEP 1 in Québec). The Junior Varsity (JV) division is meant for students in 9th and 10th grade. The Middle School Division is meant for students in 8th grade and younger. In the Bowl, you can have younger students compete on a team in an older division, but not vice versa. In the Bee, the students must play in the division that corresponds to their grade level.

7. For the History Bowl, teams are limited to six students (four of whom may compete at a time). If you wish to register more than six students, you will need to sign up additional teams.