The International History Bee and Bowl is delighted to begin its third year of history quiz tournaments for students and teams across Canada! For the 2016-2017 academic year, we’re eager to hold our first-ever tournaments in the Calgary and Halifax areas, debut new competitions focusing on geography and sports & entertainment at our 2017 Canadian Championships, and to reach out to dozens of new schools from British Columbia to Nova Scotia. Meanwhile, during the summer, Canadian students enjoyed remarkable success at the 2016 International History Olympiad in Honolulu, Hawaii, winning numerous gold medals, and capped off by Gareth Thorlakson of the University of Toronto Schools winning the Junior Varsity International History Bee World Championship title! During 2016-2017, Canadian students can also gain eligibility to attend the next International History Olympiad which will be held in July 2018 in Berlin, Germany.
IHBB will be doing a series of visits to schools in Canada in December and January, and then our regional tournaments will run from late January through April 2017, culminating in our 2017 Canadian Championships, which will likely be held in Montreal or possibly Ottawa. For further questions about all aspects of IHBB, please contact our Executive Director, Mrs Nolwenn Madden at
Thanks for your support, and best of luck to you and your team during the 2016-17 competition season!