IHBB is delighted to announce that it will be holding the inaugural Canadian Academic Bowl Championships on Sunday, May 1 at the University of Toronto! The Academic Bowl Championships is a buzzer-based quiz competition for school teams featuring questions that come from numerous academic disciplines. It is open to all teams throughout Canada for 2016- there is no need to qualify – and we will feature Varsity, Junior Varsity, and Middle School divisions based on the same criteria as the International History Bowl.

The Canadian Academic Bowl Championships will be held the day after the second annual IHBB Canadian Championships, and in the same city (Toronto) so as to make it possible for teams from throughout Canada to attend both. The Canadian Academic Bowl will be Canada’s first-ever national quiz bowl championships that will be contested with “pyramidal-style” tossup questions. Middle school students will play a set of questions compiled and edited by IHBB, while high school students will play a set of questions written and edited by Yale University’s Academic team.

The Canadian Academic Bowl Championships will feature at least 7 rounds of competition for all teams. Rounds will feature 3 parts. In the first part, there will be 7 tossup questions and 7 three-part bonuses within the same academic discipline as the tossup (but not as directly related as History Bowl bonuses work). All bonus parts will bounce back, so the team that didn’t get the tossup will have a chance at them (unless neither team gets the tossup, in which case, the bonuses aren’t read). Each tossup question has 2 levels of power – for 20 and 10 points; incorrect answers do not lead to negative points. In the second part, there will be 4 60 second round choices (one each from literature, science, history/geography, and fine arts or religion/mythology). These will follow the usual IHBB 60 second round rules. The third part of the match then works exactly like the first.

Further information on the questions can be found on the Academic Bowl tab on the menu bar and pricing for the Academic Bowl can be found here. Registration will open by the end of February on the Canadian Championships registration form. For further questions on the questions that we will use, please email director@historybowl.com – for questions regarding registration, prices, or logistics, please email nolwenn@historybowl.com

Thanks for your interest in the Canadian Academic Bowl Championships, and we look forward to seeing you and your team at the University of Toronto on May 1!