International Academic Competitions is pleased to announce that registration for its 2018 International History Bee and Bowl regional tournaments in Canada are now open! Sign up for whichever tournament you are interested in at least 8 days in advance by using the link on the website here. Remember, the Ottawa and Montreal tournaments, as well as the Toronto and Southern Ontario tournaments are on different question sets this year, so you have 2 opportunities to compete in Eastern Canada at the regional level this year! At both of them, qualifying for the 2018 IHBB Canadian Championships works the same way.

Note also that registration for the 2018 International History Olympiad in Berlin (July 14-22) and the 2018 International Geography Bee World Championships (also in Berlin, July 11-17) is also now open on the Olympiad and Intl. Geography Bee websites! As of December 18, already 6 Canadian students have registered for the Olympiad! If you’re qualified, sign up today to reserve your spot to compete against the world’s best next summer! You can still qualify for the Olympiad at any IHBB Canada tournament in 2018 if you haven’t yet done so, and for the Intl. Geography Bee World Championships, you can even qualify at your school by taking the Championships Qualifying Exam with a teacher proctoring it for you.

For more information or questions on any of these competitions, please email Mrs Nolwenn Madden at Happy holidays and good luck throughout 2018!